One rule for one….

So after losing his cool in Custody and assaulting the female prisoner he was responsible for Wiltshire Police Sgt Mark Andrews has been sentenced to prison and lost his job. I’m not condoning his behaviour but this is a real example of one rule for one and a different rule for those uniform. 

Recently a patient who has been receiving treatment in one of our secure units for some time was charged with 2 counts of assaulting nurses and one of criminal damage for smashing the TV in the ward.  The case went to court and the CPS prosecutor (who approved the charges against the patient) asked for an adjournment for medical reports.  The Medical report was never requested from the hospital (despite the police liasion officer pointing out that no request for them had been made by CPS) and in court this week the prosecutor withdrew the charges as “not in the public interest”, remember this was the prosecutor who decided it was in the public interest to charge the patient in the first place.

So this patient who has committed over 30 assaults on NHS staff (28 of which the same CPS prosecutor delayed making a decision on until they were beyond the 6 month limit for charges to be brought), and who everyone involved in caring for acknowledges is unwell at times but also throughs a wobly when they dont get their own way gets away with assaulting nurses again , while a cop who loses his temper once  goes to jail…. 

I’m just glad i’m an NHS cop not a real one!

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New Here

I’m a former RAF Police NCO who after a few years working as a security manager for a defence company am now employed by the NHS as a Local Security Managment Specialist. My job is to give security advice to the NHS Trust I work for and deal with all the assaults on staff. Liasing with Police and CPS to get people charged where appropriate or making sure other arrangements are put in place to make sure they get the health care they need without assaulting NHS staff. An avid follower of Inspector Gadget’s blog about policing these occasional blogs will comment on the absurd, funny, frusting or downright ridiculous elements of being what amounts to an NHS Cop / security Advisor

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